Emerson VCR 765 

Five-in-One Remote Control
(150-1908)                 Manufacturer's Codes       Faxback Doc. # 17129

The following lists tell you which 3-digit codes to enter to set up the
5-in-1 for your remote control devices.  If your original remote control
has keys that are not included on the 5-in-1, look up the code number in
"Alternate Functions" to find which keys to press to duplicate additional
keys on your original remote controls.
Notes:  The 5-in-1 will not always be able to produce every command of
        your original remote controls.
        Use the label on the back of the 5-in-1 to record the
        manufacturers' codes for your remote control devices.
        A 5-in-1 key that has the same name as a key on the original
        remote control might have a slightly different function than the
        original remote's key.
The codes for VCRs are:

Emerson                 184           VCR765, VCR885N, VCR964, VCR964N