Around the House Tips

Faster drying - When drying bulky items such as towels, put a yard of netting or tulle in the dryer with your load to help catch lint. The towels will dry faster—and more cheaply.

Keep buttons in place Tired of sewing on buttons? Dab clear nail polish over the threads. Its invisible and will keep the threads from coming loose.

Easy oven door cleaner Clean your glass oven door with no scratching and no chemical odor. Simply sprinkle baking soda an a damp cloth, rub on, rinse and watch it sparkle!

Quick Confectioners' Sugar - If you run out of confectioners sugar, instead of making a trip to the store, make your own by blending granulated sugar in a blender set on High.

• No-mess drilling Hate using the electric drill because of the mess it creates? Push a Dixie cup onto the drill bit so debris falls into the cup, not on the floor.

To remove the water spots from a glass shower door use baby oil on a rag.