Turn your trash into cash
Summer is prime time for garage sales and you can make hundreds, even thousands in a single weekend, says Robert L. Berko, author of Holding Garage Sales for Fun and Profit. Here are Berko’s tips on how to really bring in the cash: O Pick the right day. Saturdays (from 8:00 a.m. to early afternoon) draw the biggest crowds; Sundays can pose a conflict for churchgoers.
O Spread the word. Place ads in your local paper a week before your sale. Also post flyers on bulletin boards in grocery stores, churches and community centers. To attract buyers, use headlines like Everything Must Go and mention any hot’ items you’re selling, such as furniture, exercise equipment, baby gear, antiques and bikes.
O Make it easy for people to find you. Give directions in your ad and on your flyers.
O Know the law. Check with your town hall to see if you need a permit, which costs between $5 and $20.
O Price items to sell. Price items about a third of what they would cost new. Exception: clothes, which are poor sellers unless you ask rock-bottom prices. And put a price on everything—because “people don’t like to have to ask the price of items:’ explains Berko.
O Equip yourself with the tools of the trade. Have at least $100 in coins and small bills available to make change. Keep a calculator handy and an extension cord so customers can test electrical items.
O Be prepared to negotiate. Consider how low you’ll go for most items. And if you’re offered a ridiculously low price? Just say, “No thank you.
O Create the right sale ambience. People buy more when they’re having fun, so play upbeat music, offer some cold lemonade and put on a big smile!
O Make your sale inviting. You’ll sell out faster if  you make sure everything is clean and displayed neatly.