General Money Saving Tips

Think about every dollar you spend. Make yourself wait a month before you make most purchases. A month later, you might not want some things
quite as much,
* Develop hobbies and interests that don't cost much, such as hiking or a book club. Consider developing income producing hobbies, such as
woodworking or free-lance writing.
* Use your Local library more, Instead of bookstores. Start a book exchange at work, trading books with colleagues.
* Eat before going to the movies so that you're not tempted to pay $37 for a tub of popcorn.
* Rent movies instead of seeing them at expensive first run theaters.
* Reduce, reuse and recycle. You can get a few dollars back when you recycle some things. Reducing and reusing Can also save some green backs.
* Consider dropping your cable TV subscription. At the very least, drop one or more premium channels.
* Try bartering. You may be able to negotiate some free haircuts for preparing your hairdresser's will. See what you and your Mends can do for each other.
* U Toss out those advertising supplements that pad your Sunday paper unless you really need to buy something. Otherwise you may end up buying things you don't really need.
* Don't buy magazines regularly at newsstands. Subscrlptions are much cheaper. Better still, read magazines at libraries or online.
* E-mail friends and relatives sometimes instead of phoning.
* Lower your long-distance phone rates. You may be able to get your canier to meet Or beat the best deals offered by competitors.
* Call the folks at your credit card company and negotiate a lower interest rate, if they balk, tell them youll take your business elsewhere.
* Establish a regular game night with family or friends, where you play board and card games with each other. (Learn more at
* When shampooing, lather up, rinse, and then don't repeat.