If you don't have one, get a safe deposit box in a bank convenient to your home. In many cases, banks will let you take out a box, even if you're not a customer.

Remember that you should use your safe deposit box for originals; you'll still need copies at home if something tragic should happen to you and your safe deposit box is sealed. If you'd rather have your records at home, then get a fireproof safe.

A good rule of thumb is: Put documents in the box if you can't easily replace them or if you don't know what might happen if you don't have it.

If applicable, you should have official or certified copies of the following for the safe deposit box:

*Since the safe deposit box will be sealed at your death, keep a copy of your Will someplace accessible. The same goes for the Advance Directive and the Power of Attorney since you may not be able to give others access to the safe deposit box.

-- Federal Citizen Information Center