The following table gives the values of the various numerals. When a bar appears above a numeral, its value is increased a thousand fold.
Numeral Value With Bar
I One (Invalid)
V Five Five thousand
X Ten Ten thousand
L Fifty Fifty thousand
C One hundred One hundred thousand
D Five hundred Five hundred thousand
M One thousand One million

Numeral Syntax
Use the following guidelines to construct and evaluate quantites expressed in Roman Numerals:
I:    Generally speaking, smaller numerals follow larger numerals (see rule III below). In such cases, add up the values of the numerals to determine the quantity represented.
II:    Numerals which are powers of ten (I, X, C, etc.) can be repeated up to three times in a row; other numerals cannot be repeated.
III    In certain cases, a smaller numeral may precede a larger one. Evaluate these expressions by subtracting the smaller numeral from the larger one. A smaller numeral can be placed before a larger one only if ALL of the following conditions are met:
  - The smaller numeral must be a power of ten.
  - The smaller numeral must be either one-fifth or one-tenth the value of the larger one.
  - The smaller numeral must either be first, or be preceded by a numeral of at least ten times its value.
  - If another numeral follows the larger numeral, it must be smaller than the one that precedes the larger numeral.