* To make moving your planted containers easier, choose lightweight fiberglass pots on wheeled saucer caddies. Fill the pots halfway with packing peanuts, and cover the peanuts with a layer of landscape fabric before adding soil.
* Add a slow-release fertilizer (Mjracle-Gro Shake `n Feed All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food) to the potting soil before planting.
* To cut down on watering needs, use a potting soil that contains water-retaining polymers (Sta-Green Smart Soil Plus Potting Mix & Fertilizer With Polyon) for planting.
* When repotting, make sure the plant is at the same depth in the new container as it was in its previous pot.
* Avoid filling containers up to the rim with soil. Leave a little space so that the soil won't overflow when you water the plant.
* Check pots at least twice a week for moisture levels, and add extra water to those under eaves and overhangs, which receive less rainfall.
* Elevate pots by using clay pot feet" for proper water drainage.


* Space containers or baskets equidistant from each other, and use pots in odd numbers (which mimics nature's mathematical pattern).
* Tuck in colorful annuals for bursts of co'or.
* Underplant large pots with a trailing ground cover.
* For an attractive pot mulch, cover the soil with a layer of sheet moss.
* Make sure the scale of the container is appropriate for the site. Larger pots are usually best except for the smallest of spaces.
* Leave enough space for safe passage between pots along steps or walkways.
* Add interest to hanging baskets by alternating their chain lengths.