Bulbs, Fall-Planted

Fall-planted bulbs spend the winter making roots and come up early in the spring. The depths given in this section are measured from soil surface to the top of the bulb. If your soil is sandy, plant one inch deeper. If your soil is clay, plant one inch shallower. Firm the soil with your hand to eliminate air spaces. Hardy bulbs are not dug in the fall but most should be mulched in colder climates. Two rugged exceptions to this rule are crocuses and grape hyacinths. For best effect, plant varieties in a clump. After several years, or if flowering diminishes, divide in midsummer and make new plantings from the offspring that have formed around the mother bulb.

Planting Fall Bulbs
Variety Planting
Sun or
Allium 6 In. 15 In. 3-5 Ft. Sun
Calochortus 3-4 In. 6-8 In. 24 In. Sun
Crocus 3 In. 3 In. 6-8 In. Sun
Crocus, Fall 3 In. 3-4 In. 4-6 In. Sun
Crown Imperial 8 In. 8 In. 2-3 Ft. Sun
Cyclamen In. 6-8 In. 6 In. Partial Shade/Shade
Daffodil 5-6 In. 6 In. 1-2 Ft. Sun/Partial Shade
Dutch Iris 6 In. 6 In. 1-2 Ft. Sun
Dwarf Allium 4 In. 5 In. 1 Ft. Sun
Glory of Snow 3 In. 3 In. 6-8 In. Sun/Partial Shade
Grape Hyacinth 3 In. 3 In. 6-9 In. Sun/Partial Shade
Hyacinth 6 In. 6 In. 8-12 In. Sun
Magic Lily 5 In. 6 In. 2 Ft. Sun
Mini Amaryllis 1-2 In. 4-6 In. 8-12 In. Partial Shade
Oxalis 2 In. 4-6 In. 3-6 In. Sun/Partial Shade
Scilla 3 In. 4 In. 8 In. Partial Shade/Shade
Snowdrop 2-3 In. 2-4 In. 10 In. Partial Shade
Spanish Bluebell 3-4 In. 6-8 In. 12-14 In. Sun/Shade
Striped Squill 4 In. 3 In. 6 In. Partial Shade
Tulip 6 In. 6 In. 12-30 In. Sun
Winter Hardy Glad 4 In. 6-8 In. 1-2 Ft. Sun
Violet, Dogs Tooth 3 In. 6-8 In. 1 Ft. Partial Shade/Shade