Amaryllis are easy to bring into bloom indoors By planting bulbs two weeks apart, you can grace your
house with beautiful blossoms all winter long. 

Step 1: Plant bulbs in a 6-inch pot (with drainage holes) tilled with potting soil. Position bulbs so top
one-third is above the rim of pot.
Step 2: Water the soil thoroughly with lukewarm water. Avoid wetting the bulb, which will rot if over-watered. Keep the soil moist, especially when the plant is in bloom.
Step 3: Place the bulb in direct sunlight A south-facing window is best. As the stalks and leaves begin to grow, brighter light should keep them from becoming too tall and falling over, If needed, stake the flower stalk with a short flower support. In just a month or two, you should have a beautiful flower stalk with two to tour blossoms. (Note: Some bulbs produce two flower stalks.)

After It Blooms
When the flowers fade, cut them off carefully. Fertilize bulbs with a liquid or granular fertilizer according to
manufacturer’s directions. After all danger of frost has passed, move the plant to a sunny spot outside.
Feed and water throughout the spring and summer months so that the bulb can store energy and pro-
duce flowers the following season. Amaryllis require a cycle of 8 to 12 weeks of cool, dry weather to return to bloom. In fall, stop watering, and move the bulb to a dark spot, or simply cover it with a box. Leave it outside for needed exposure to cool weather (about 55 degrees is considered ideal), but protect it from freezes. Let the bulb dry out so that the foliage will die back. Then cut away dead growth. During winter months, move the amaryllis to a cool, dark place indoors—your basement is an ideal location. Set the plant out again next year, just In time for
the holiday season. Water and bring into bloom as you did in the previous steps.