Nut Trees

Follow the general planting directions listed in Easy Steps to Planting Nursery Stock and space as directed in the chart below.

Nut trees thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. You can control the few pests and diseases that trouble them with liquid fruit tree spray.

Most nut trees are self fruitful, but the male and female flowers don't always develop at the same time. For best results, plant nut trees in groups of 2 or more of like variety within 50 feet to increase their chances of pollination. Those not self fruitful need a pollinator planted nearby.

Test harvested nuts for soundness by placing in a bucket of water. Save only those that sink to the bottom. Dry and store in a cool place. Shelled nuts can be frozen up to a year.

Variety Planting Distance Approx. Height Years to Bearing Average Yield
Almond 25 Ft. 15-20 Ft. 3-7 25-40 Lbs.
Butternut 40-50 Ft. 40-60 Ft. 10-15 50-100 Lbs.
Chestnut 40 Ft. 30-60 Ft. 7+ 30-40 Lbs.
Hazelnut 15 Ft. 15 Ft. 3-4 20-30 Lbs.
Hican 40-50 Ft. 50 Ft. 7-10 25-75 Lbs.
Hickory 40-50 Ft. 60 Ft. 7-10 25-50 Lbs.
Pecan 50 Ft. 40-75 Ft. 10-15 50-100 Lbs.
Trazel 15 Ft. 20 Ft. 3-7 20-25 Lbs.
Walnut, Black 40-50 Ft. 30-75 Ft. 10-20 50-100 Lbs.
Walnut, English 40-50 Ft. 30-50 Ft. 6-8 50-100 Lbs.