Peace Lily

"Spathiphyllum" is the official name for Peace Lily. The more common name comes from the universally acknowledged white flag of truce. The cream or yellow colored spadix of each flower that is enclosed by the white spathe represents the flagpole, while the white spathe represents the flag itself. Another common name for spathiphyllum is 'White Sails', the spathe in this case representing the sails of a ship.
Spathiphyllum not only tolerates the low light and dry conditions found in the modern home, it actually makes the indoors healthier! During their study on 'sick building' syndrome, NASA found peace lilies to be among the top ten air-cleaning plants for interiors. It prefers moist, well drained organic soil -- sand, peat moss and bark are good additives. Water weekly keeping the soil moist, but not soggy. Permit the soil to dry out between watering, but do not leave dry for an extended period of time. Fertilizing is not usually necessary. If you fertilize, use a well-balanced fertilizer such as 20-20-20 at 1/4 strength.