tips on pricing and selling your car

1-compare your car to what used car dealers are asking and price it 10% below. make sure to compare fairly ie: same miles, options, cond, ect. do not pay attention to private party prices. just dealers, do not pay attention to internet price guides. pick up the auto trader or any other car magazine and see what dealers are asking for the same car.
example dealer is asking 10,000 for a Honda ask 9000.00 for yours. The actual selling price will probably be 15-20% below what a dealer is asking for the same car. Start at 10% below used car dealers then lower your price by 5% in 2 weeks if it doesn't sell. Then continue to lower your price by 5% every two weeks.

2- It is very important to have your car fully must look it best when you are showing it...have the detail shop hand wax maybe even machine polish your paint, have them pressure clean the engine. take out all the junk and make sure it is at its best when you show it. wonder why car dealers always have there cars fully one wants to buy a dirty car....a dirty messy car says to the buyer, this car is not very well taken care of.

3- show the car daily. if someone wants to see it go out of your way to show it.... don't make appointments for days later... remember private party buyers are cash buyers they will buy the first car they like.... so make sure to show you car....if you do not you may lose a sale.

4- park your car on a busy street... the more people that see it the better ..

5- very basic but often ignored put a for sale sign on it with the price and phone number.... advertise in car magazines, on work posting boards, ect.

6- This is a must... it is the brutal truth but it is fact. What you owe on the car has nothing to do with what it will sell for. if dealers are asking 10,000, you will probably get 10-20% less ...$8000 to $9000. if you owe $12,000. you need to decide. either keep the car or sell it..... but be ready to take money out of your pocket to cover the difference.

7- if you expect to sell your car fix the things that are wrong with it.... no one wants to buy something that they need to dump money into right away, if you do not want to fix things then be ready to sell it for much less. no one is going to pay top dollar for a fixer upper.

Overall it is a much better experience to buy from an owner rather than a dealer. You can ask for maintenance records, have the car inspected properly, research the vehicles history, make an unrushed buying decision and there is much you can tell about the condition of a car by meeting the person who owned it.